Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an initial consultation required before booking my first session?

An initial phone consultation is required before booking your first session.  This provides us with an opportunity to talk about what you would like to work on, where you are currently, and what your goals are.  It’s also an opportunity to assess whether the issue you want to work on is related to a medically diagnosed condition.  In order to work on issues directly related to a medically diagnosed condition, (illness, injury or disease), a written referral or prescription is required from your treating physician or healthcare provider.

What can I expect in my first session?

In your first session, we will review the issue you would like to resolve, as well as the goal(s) you would like to accomplish.  We will also begin to explore the emotions and beliefs associated with the issue.  Your first session will also include hypnotic programming and conditioning so you can feel what light hypnosis feels like.

How many sessions will it take to resolve my issue?

Any issue more complex than breaking a simple habit such as nail biting will take multiple sessions.  My commitment to my clients is to get them to their goals as quickly as possible.  The speed at which we work depends greatly on the client’s motivation and openness to the process.  Clients who approach our hypnotherapy sessions with openness and enthusiasm tend to show the fastest results with the best and most lasting outcomes.