Are You Afraid to be Happy?

“I don’t let myself feel TOO happy because then something bad will happen to balance it out.”

“Bad times often follow good times.”

“If I’m too happy, I feel anxious because something bad will take away my joy.”

If you’re having difficulty letting go and allowing yourself to enjoy your life, you may be suffering from cherophobia.  Cherophobia is the fear of experiencing happiness and joy.

Sounds absurd, right?  Who doesn’t want to be happy?  Who would decline an opportunity to feel joy?  More people than you might think…

What causes cherophobia?

Cherophobia is primarily caused by underlying beliefs – either conclusions that were reached based on a past experience, such as a traumatic event, or by simply adopting beliefs and values of parents or other key authority figures.  In an attempt to avoid discomfort, danger or just feeling badly about themselves, those with cherophobia avoid joyful activities or circumstances – even opportunities that would result in positive life changes – in order to ‘prevent’ anything bad from happening in the aftermath.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to assist those with cherophobia to clear the underlying belief(s) and replace them with more positive, uplifting beliefs.

If you can’t seem to allow yourself to let go and experience joy in life, there may be one or more beliefs lurking beneath the surface.  Let’s use hypnotherapy to clear them out so you can allow yourself to experience happiness and joy – and to improve the quality of your life, and the lives of others around you.