Need a positive change in your life?

Hypnotherapy can help you:  Improve self-confidence & self-esteem; manage stress; resolve anger, fear, resentment; get to the root cause of anxiousness, depression; reduce conflict & stress; promote health & well-being; break old habits & adopt healthier ones; experience physical & mental relaxation; resolve relationship issues; deal with grief & loss; address weight control issues; program your subconscious mind for professional success; and much, much more…

Hypnotherapy for an issue related to a diagnosed medical condition requires a written referral or prescription from treating physician or licensed healthcare provider.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy sessions last approximately 1.5 hours.  Sessions can be purchased individually or in a multiple-session discount package.  See Hypnotherapy FAQs for more information.

Joyful Living Program

This program is suitable for those who are feeling stuck in their relationships, career, personal goals, etc.  Get unstuck and start living your most Joyful Life!

Life Mastery Course

This program includes online course sessions, a workbook and audio recordings.  This program is taught in small groups – please inquire about the course schedule.

Medical Office Presentations

Please call to schedule an in-office presentation to help your staff learn more about the many benefits of hypnotherapy and Lori’s Clinical Hypnotherapy credentials.

Corporate Presentations

If your corporate organization would like a private presentation on Stress Management, Resolving Conflict, Self-Confidence, etc., please call for details and to schedule.

Non-Profit/Social Organization Presentations

If your non-profit or social organization would like a private presentation, free of charge, please call for details and to schedule.

What Clients are Saying…

"I had hit a wall in my life..."

“I had hit a wall in my life, and I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to move forward again. Luckily, I found Lori, and within just a few months of working together my life is no longer stuck. My feelings have shifted profoundly, and I am making great strides toward a new career. My relationships are more harmonious. I wake up happy, I exercise daily, and I feel an inner joy. I no longer have a lifetime of emotional baggage weighing me down. If you are contemplating whether you can experience your own emotional shift, trust me, you can. Take hope; reach out and schedule some sessions with Lori. I am so grateful that I did. Thank you, Lori!”  Jacqueline Prince

"She said that Lori could give me hope..."

“Lori Burke was recommended to me by my functional medicine physician.  She said that Lori could give me hope.  What a wonderful thing to hear because she did just that.  With her positive, gentle way of therapy, I came back a much happier woman.  I would recommend her to anyone who wanted to improve themselves or get through some hard times.”  Reva Granati

"Lori has a gentle way of listening..."

“Lori has a gentle way of listening to you and then helping you break apart into little pieces what might be troubling you.  Then, with genuine encouragement, she will give you the tools you need to bring about a resolution.  Many thanks”  Sherie P.

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